Kalewold H. Kalewold


I am a Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Leeds. Before that, I was a Postdoctoral Fellow jointly with the Department of Philosophy and at the McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society at Stanford University. I received my PhD in philosophy at the University of Maryland, College Park.

My primary research projects are in philosophy of science (especially biology), philosophy of race, and political philosophy. In my projects, I often draw on the theoretical and experimental tools of biology to illuminate broader issues in philosophy of race, political philosophy, and public policy.

My main research interest is scientific explanation in the life sciences. In my dissertation project, On the Activities and Parts of the Mechanisms of Life, I develop the philosophical foundations of the new mechanist approach to explanation. My research draws on the life sciences, especially molecular biology, evolutionary theory, and neuroscience, to illustrate my philosophical theses.

In philosophy of race, I have research interests at the intersection of race and biomedicine. Specifically, I am interested in how we use race as an explanatory concept in medical research, and the ways the exposome racialized groups are subject to shape their biomedical outcomes.

In political philosophy, my main projects are in defending a novel electoral system, advancing an account of domination for theorizing about algorithmic governance, and intergenerational justice.


You can e-mail me at k.kalewold@leeds.ac.uk and you can find me on philpeople.


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